Youth is the driver of new ideas

We are on the frontlines of advocating for an equal, green and educated society.

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What is "Protests"?

“Protests” is a youth organization, made by young people, who are aware of what a youth organization should (where they feel good and can be active in) be like.

Our organization is a place where everyone’s thoughts and opinions are heard and many creative ideas find support. All of us shape and lead the organization together, keeping it as a place, where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

Go and plant trees, jerks.

— Elita Veidemane about youth organization "Protests"

Join us!

By joining youth organization “Protests”, you will be surrounded by dynamic people who have an interest for things happening around them and a desire to fight for their values.

Our members have a chance to discuss problems important to them, to learn and plan how to solve them. Here you will also find a chance to participate in different projects and maybe even help writing and planning some. Each of our members surely finds something close to heart.

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Since August 29, 2020, "Protests" is a member organization of the Federation of Young European Greens.