About us

Who are we?

We are loud. We are young. We are creative. We are enthusiastic. We are full of ideas. We want to act.

“Protests” is a youth organization, made by young people, who are aware of what a youth organization, where they can feel good and actively participate, should be like.

We are young people of different age - ones that are still in school, ones that are studying and ones that are already working. We have different life experiences and interests. We are different but also united, because we share the same goals.

Our organization is a place where everyone’s thoughts and opinions are heard and many creative ideas find support. All of us shape and lead the organization together, keeping it as a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

What are our goals?
  • Educate young people about important and actual issues, for example, political processes, inequality, protection of the environment, protection of your rights etc.
  • Encourage young people to fight for themselves and others and actively oppose injustice.
  • Find solutions for the problems that concern young people: social and economic inequality, discrimination, lack of youth representation etc.
  • Protect the rights of different social groups, for example, women, LGBTQA+, ethnic minorities etc.
  • Organize campaigns, discussions and other kind of events about topics important to young people. 
  • Become an organization that protects the rights of young people and is a loud voice in Latvia.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment for every young person, where one does not need to fear to express themselves, strengthen their identity and individuality.
“Protests” main goal is to always be alongside/near/there to support young people and actively fight against injustice.

Why “Protests”?

“Young people are always protesting.” Since being founded, we have heard this and similar phrases a lot and we got to say, it only strengthens our confidence in the choice of our name.

It is true, we enjoy organizing and participating in protests and pickets, but “Protests” does not mean simply senselessly disagreeing with everything and everyone.

We protest against the stagnating order of things (or rather, disorder), injustice, inequality, poverty, indifference etc.

We protest against society’s unwillingness to be/become educated and understand the different. We protest against stiffness and inaction. We protest against selfishness and enforcing own comfort zone onto others.

We protest against the fact that when questions important to young people are decided, their opinions and experiences are not taken into consideration and the opinions of “experienced experts” are more important.

You could say that we’re always protesting. However, not in the way that it could seem.

What are our values?
  • Equality and solidarity.
  • Democracy - in politics, organization and everyday life.
  • Frankness and receptiveness - both between the members of organization and the society.
  • Respect against yourself, other people and the world that we live in.
  • Environment - protection, care and preservation.
  • Action when there’s a need to help, protect others and fight against injustice.